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Haurex Watch

Watch Haurex: trends stylish Italy


In the era of widespread computerization and the dominance of gadgets wristwatch somewhat lose its functionality. Swiss products are incredibly good, but why pay hundreds of thousands for a low-cost, though very high-quality device? Today, the accessory has increasingly taken on the role of the stylish jewelry. No country knows about fashion as much as Italy, so the products of Haurex from Sunny edge are rapidly gaining momentum.


The company is relatively young: it was founded in the late 80-ies of the 20th century. Feeling the need for fresh ideas and designs, the owners - Giuseppe Giuza, Maurizio Biancini and Stefano Thurin - have relied on external design and not lost. Following Italy, the original watches conquered other European countries.


For the design of trendy accessories, a design Department was created, the purpose of which is to search for innovations in the fashion industry, in which Italy is incredibly strong. The concept of the idea is to embody the Italian style in the watch, thereby allowing customers to join the world of high fashion through the order of a trendy accessory. Each model is the embodiment of modern trends in all details: lines, colors, materials. However, the relevance is not brought to the extreme, so that the product does not become tedious and boring.


The latest collections use a non-standard combination of aluminum and rubber, which allows you to reveal endless color variations. However, for the company was important not only innovative design and materials that meet the latest fashion trends. High quality is also a priority, so the main type of mechanism is precise quartz. The case is made of the most durable materials, not afraid of damage - steel with PVD-coating and plastic. Dials are protected by a reliable mineral glass. For bracelets and belts selected no less wear-resistant materials.


Haurex watches are loved by millions of people in 40 countries thanks to the combination of Italian design, reasonable prices and excellent quality.


Popular collections of the Italian brand Haurex


During the period of its existence, the company has released many collections, including:


* Ink Stones-classic models with a round body decorated with the whole length of the stones.

* Compact W Round-watch in a minimalist design with silicone bracelets.

* Narciso-accessory with a rim of natural crystals and a masculine metal bracelet.

* Primula-miniature jewelry with rectangle case-bracelet.

* Caimano-men's watch in sports style.

* Storm - model with contrasting colors on the dial.


Italian watch in " Ola.Market”


Unique and high-quality product can be obtained only if you purchase the original. The official representative of the Italian brand online store "Ola.Market" - will buy Huarex watches quickly and inexpensively. The service conducts constant sales, during which the price of accessories is reduced at times.


The store takes care that new items are actively included in the catalog, which contains about a hundred models of watches from different collections. Choose the right decoration will be able to both sports fans and classic and elegant styles. The most luxurious models are inlaid with Swarovski crystals and diamonds.


You can place an order for an Italian watch in our store Ola.Market

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